Akbar and birbal’s son

One day King Akbar suddenly asked 3 questions.
The questions were-
1) “Where is God?”
2) “How to get him?”
3) “What does he do?”

Birbal was nervous listening to these questions and said – “Your Majesty! I will answer these questions tomorrow.”

Birbal was very upset when he went home.

When asked by his son, he said

Son! Today the king me these 3 questions:
1) “Where is God?”
2) “How to get him?”
3) “What does he do?”

I do not know how to answer these but they must be answered in court tomorrow.

Birbal’s son said: “Father! You take me to the court of the king tomorrow and i will answer these questions.”

Due to the persistence of the son, Next day birbal reached the court with his son.

Seeing the Birbal, Akbar asked- “Birbal answer my questions.”

Birbal said – “Your Majesty, my son can answer your questions.”

Akbar asked the first question from his son- “Tell me! Where is God?”

Birbal’s son ordered a glass of milk mixed with sugar and asked, “Your Majesty, How is the milk ?”

Akbar said it tasted sweet.

“But can you see the sugar?” asked Birbal’s son

King said no. it is dissolved.

Yes, Your Majesty! God is in all things the same way.

As sugar is dissolved in milk, but we can not see it.

Satisfied with answer, king asked the second question – “How to get him ?”

Said the boy – ‘Your Majesty, please order little curd”

“The king then ordered the curd”

Boy said – “Your Majesty! Can you see the butter in this?”

King said: “butter is in the curd but will appear only after churning it.”

Boy said: “Your Majesty! Same we can see god only after churning(brain storming).”

Now the last question asked by the happy king- “What does the god do?”

Birbal’s son, said: “Sir! For this you will have to accept me as your master.”

Akbar Spoke ‘Well, you are my master and I am your disciple.’

Now the boy said: “Your Majesty teacher sits on the highest pedestal and disciple at the bottom.”

Akbar emptied the throne for boy and sat down himself.

Now the boy sitting on the throne said, – ‘Lord! This is the answer to your last question. ‘

Akbar Spoke “mean? I do not understand.”

Boy said: “Your Majesty! That is God.”

“In seconds, it can make king a bagger and A bagger an emperor.”




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