Broken Pitcher

Not too long ago, there lived a farmer in a village. He got up at dawn every day to collect water from waterfall. For this work he was carrying two large pots, which he tied to a pole carrying it on his shoulders. One of the pot had a hole while the second was absolutely fine. That’s why, by the time the farmer reaches home, half of the water was lost from the broken pot.

It was going on like this for two years, Fair pitcher was proud that its entire amount of water reaches the house, while on the other hand broken pitcher was embarrassed by the fact that only half of the water reaches home and hard work of farmer is wasted.

Broken pitcher stayed all very upset thinking that and one day, he said to the farmer, “I am ashamed and I want to apologize to you?” “Why? “The farmer asked,”What are you ashamed of? ” “Maybe you do not know that i am having a hole, and from the last two years, I am bringing home just half of the water, and this is why your  hard work is wasted.”, condemned by the depressed pitcher farmer said, “Its okay, Today while returning, i want you to see beautiful flowers along the way.” pitcher did so, he saw the beautiful flowers along the way, he was happy to see it and it took away some of his sadness – but today again half of the water was lost, he became upset and began to apologize again. farmer said, “Maybe you did not notice it, all the way, all the flowers were just on your side, right side of the pitcher did not even had a single flower. It’s because, I always knew your weakness, and I took advantage of it.”

I sow the seeds of colorful flowers on your side of the path, you watered them every day little-little and you made the path so beautiful. Today, because of you only, I am able to offer these flowers to God and am able to make our home beautiful. If you were not like what you are, how could i do it?

“Guys, we all have some weakness from inside, but these drawbacks make us unique. We, like the farmer, should accept everyone the way they are, and focus on the good, and when we do that, the “broken pitcher” can become more valuable than the “good pitcher”.




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