Abandon the village and disperse

guru nanak and village storyOnce, during the course of his travels, Guru Nanak arrived at a village.
That village was full of quarrelsome people who used to fight day and night. When Guru Nanak’s stay was over at that village he blessed them to prosper and live in the same village forever.

Then he reached the next village where the people were just opposite the previous lot. This village was a heaven of peace and happiness. When it was time to leave from there he blessed them too but in a different way.”

“He said may god bless you to abandon the village and disperse.”

“Now that’s strange! He blessed the first village to prosper and stay at the same place even though they were totally unworthy. But he almost cursed the second village by praying for their dispersal!”

Mardana, his close disciple found it strange and asked him why. Guru Nanak said the people of first village will create friction and unrest wherever they go. So it’s better for them to stay put and localize the nuisance but the people of second village need to radiate in all possible directions so that wherever they go they could teach people about peaceful coexistence.